Megan Jansson

Megan joined TCF in January 2024 and is half-leasing Amador. She has over 20 years of riding experience, primarily in hunters and jumpers. She also rode competitively for the University of Colorado Equestrian team. Growing up, Megan was known to jump on any horse she got the opportunity to ride, which proved to be advantageous as it strengthened her as a rider and prepared her well for the collegiate style of competition, where you often don’t know the horse you’re competing on. Megan has a love for all animals, and she has two cats and one dog at home.

Homeschool Farm Days

Hello! My name is Noelle Arcuri and I’m a mom of 4, homeschooler and nurse. Our family loves teaching our kids life lessons, life skills and how to steward our blessings well!

I run the homeschool farm days at The Community Farm where we meet once monthly and learn all about science, economics, biology, the value of hardwork and stewardship over the animals. Each month we learn about a new species of animals, how to care for and manage and do hands-on work or care for that animal group. Reach out to me via email or phone if you or your family are interested in joining our homeschool day. 

[email protected] 


Summer Camp

Summer camp at a barn- there is no better way to spend the summer while learning new skills and making new friends.

Camp at The Community Farm gives the camp experience, in a safe and fun environment where campers will learn new skills, gain leadership and agricultural experience, and have some good farm fun.  This is the perfect way to give your child an exciting and new experience and perhaps foster a lifetime love of horses and riding. All ages welcome, even the very young ones

Camps begin June 15th and run through July.

Please contact for pricing, schedule and more information.

Covid Riding Schedule

Hi TCF Family,

We have really missed all of you!  Next week I think it will be safe and responsible to let each lease person have one ride a week as long as you follow the below guidelines:

  1. you are not sick, have any symptoms, no close contact with someone who has been sick, no fever
  2. you use good social distancing when you are here (at least 10 feet away from each other)
  3. You wipe down any surfaces you touched while you are here
  4. You can stay 1.5 hours (you can stay longer if you are doing a service project)
  5. You keep safety in mind…now isn’t the time to go to the hospital
  6. I would love it if while you are here you do a service project (such as: cleaning, making a video that we can post to our website about an educational aspect of the farm, building a jump, weeding, etc)

My hope is that we can have some sense of normalcy while still staying responsible and safe.

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