The mission of The Community Farm is to cultivate a community oasis where members can strengthen their unique strengths to develop their passion, find purpose, and cultivate resiliency through working with livestock, agriculture, and nature.  Through this members will build self-reliance, character, responsibility and respect. Our members are strong individuals, families and community, prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow. As a community we work to create the world that ought to be.


The Community Farm’s vision is to create a place where individuals (both animal and human) can come and be their authentic self.  A space where physical and mental health is promoted through opportunities to unwind, refuel and find passion and purpose.  Sustainable, kind, diverse, purposeful, goal driven and community service minded living is promoted.  Opportunities to dream big, achieve goals, be entrepreneurial, gain leadership experience, and explore passions are abundant and supported through a village where mentoring, support, encouragement and experiences are offered.  Through the agriculture experience, members are given the skills and confidence to avoid and face current and future challenges such as addiction, obesity, isolation, and mental illness.  The Community farms offers a space for true connection, self-development, and service to the community.  The farm offers an ideal location to safely make mistakes and try new things, a place for groups and families to reconnect, and offers services to the community through school, hospital, and community animal visits.  


Authenticity– Bring your true self, be honest about your feelings, experience and desires.

Service– Be service minded and bring and give more to their community than you take.

Connection and Support– Connect with people, your animal, your community on deep levels, succeed together, and encourage and celebrate others success.

Discomfort– Get outside your comfort zone and be okay with failure and being bad at something.

Grit and Resilience– Keep pushing past the discomfort and develop resiliency and tenacity to achieve your goal and a better world.

Responsibility– Responsibility and self-respect towards yourself, your animal, your goal, your family, the farm and your community.  You can make a difference, but it will take hard work and perseverance.

Passion– find your passion and live it fully and with purpose.  Go after your goals with intention and commitment.