Community Farm Announces Public Contest to Rename Two New Donkeys

New donkeys will join Award-Winning Burro Patrol team 


Arvada – The Community Farm (TCF) is holding a contest to find new names for two mini donkeys that were welcomed to the farm earlier this week. The farm is asking the public for help in renaming the two donkeys – currently named Duncan and Goodboy – as they get a fresh start in their new home. The new minis will eventually join fellow donkeys Abby, Lulu, Miles, Bruno, and Pepsi (aka Blaster, the famous and beloved School of Mines mascot) as part of the Burro Patrol Team.

“Our donkeys provide such joy to so many through outreach to the public, farm members who are attending therapy sessions, burro patrol, burro racing and interacting with all the farm members.  A name that fits them well is imperative to helping humans connect with these special beings,” says Carol von Michaelis, Owner and Founder of The Community Farm.

As Duncan and Goodboy begin their new chapter in life and prepare for the many new adventures that await, TCF is hoping to find new names that better suit their unique personalities. Although Duncan is a quiet boy who doesn’t bray, he is ready to explore, and is very curious to meet all the other animals on the farm. While also very gentle, friendly and curious, Goodboy is not afraid to speak his mind. Name suggestions must be submitted by March 7th at midnight here. There is no cost to enter the contest, however donations received will support donkey care, hay, treats, and veterinary costs. The winning names will be chosen by the TCF Advisory Committee and announced on Facebook Live on March 8 at 12pm. 

“It’s been a joy to help facilitate the move of these two sweet fellas to TCF” says Carol Clark, TCF Advisory Board Member and Burro/Alpaca point person. “It will be exciting to watch the existing burro herd welcome the new minis and show them the ropes in the coming days. Doing activities they will learn to take part in through the programs the farm offers will give the boys a fresh lease on life and they will know that they have a purpose! Getting new names will signify this.”
The Burro Patrol brings together adult and youth volunteers, donkeys, and goats to patrol the parks throughout Jefferson County Open Space. Their job is to walk the trails, talk with visitors, and make the parks a more welcoming space as animals have a natural ability to break down barriers and bring people together. The patrol team also helps beautify and protect Open Space through trash collection and participation in conservation projects that utilize the burros’ pack abilities and agility for trail-based projects. The program received the Douglas Fir Award at Jefferson County’s annual Open Space Conservation Awards Banquet earlier this month. In addition to joining the Burro Patrol, Duncan and Goodboy have the potential to join other TCF programs such as animal-assisted therapy and Colorado’s annual pack burro races.