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Covid Riding Schedule

Hi TCF Family,

We have really missed all of you!  Next week I think it will be safe and responsible to let each lease person have one ride a week as long as you follow the below guidelines:

  1. you are not sick, have any symptoms, no close contact with someone who has been sick, no fever
  2. you use good social distancing when you are here (at least 10 feet away from each other)
  3. You wipe down any surfaces you touched while you are here
  4. You can stay 1.5 hours (you can stay longer if you are doing a service project)
  5. You keep safety in mind…now isn’t the time to go to the hospital
  6. I would love it if while you are here you do a service project (such as: cleaning, making a video that we can post to our website about an educational aspect of the farm, building a jump, weeding, etc)

My hope is that we can have some sense of normalcy while still staying responsible and safe.

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